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Beading Tools

There are a variety to choose from but we will focus on the 3 basic tools needed to get you started.

Beading Techniques

As a beginner you must start somewhere and 2 simple techniques are what you need to take you from beading nothing to beading something.

Jewelry Making Supplies

Hold on to your seat because there is a long list...But don't worry, bead happy, we will only start you with the essentials and eliminate the overwhelm.

Looking for Support Along the Way?

That's what we are here for. Betty Beader and I won't let you go astray. We are here to support your beginning steps to insure your success in making jewelry in a simple process without compromising the end result...QUALITY. 

What if You Have Questions?

Reach out to us. We built this community for you, the beginner, so you would not feel alone like we did. We are here to help. Come on, don't be shy. We all had to start at the bead-ginning.

Now it's Up to You!

What will you do to start learning to make beaded jewelry?


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