Hello Beading Buddy...

We welcome you to Bead At Home. Thank you for your interest in how we got where we are today.

We'll begin by sharing we have a secret. My name is Teri, the voice behind Betty Beader [a story for another day]. I was once where you are now, curious about how to make jewelry but not exactly sure where to start.

Nearly 20 years ago, having one young child and another one on the way, I wanted a new hobby that would be kid-friendly. Learning how to make jewelry became an intentional accident. There was information out there but finding the right instructions we were looking for was not as easy as I had hoped.

With that, we bead-gan our jewelry making  journey and baby in tow.

Let's Learn Together

Bead At Home is the result of our personal struggle learning to figure out the most direct way to make a simple bracelet. The journey was slow, frustrating and confusing.

From that experience, we wanted to help others with a smoother start. This is way too easy and too much fun to be that difficult to learn. 

We created this home to support other beading buddies along their journey to jewelry making.

Since Then...

There have been many twists and turns through this journey as a wife, mother and daughter that brings us here.

Over the years, Betty Beader and I have helped countless new beading buddies get their jewelry making journey started.

Through various venues, either face to face or online, we love to bring these bead-ginning steps to you. It is a delight to see the smiles of accomplishment and hear the stories of success.

What's Next?

As an empty-nester now, there is more time to focus on this new season of life at Bead At Home.

What started as a hobby evolved into much more, an escape, therapy and a way of life.

But that's our story. What about you?

It's your turn! We want to help! We invite you to join us on this journey learning how to make jewelry in the comfort of your home. 

Come on in, join the fun...We'll leave the light on.

Proverbs 20:15 Lips that speak knowledge are a rare jewel. 


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